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Quick and Reliable Support for Norton

Norton Support – Technology is not only limited to the facilities and advancement but, it also affects us in a number of ways. The virus is an example of the same. Hike in the number of viruses has become a matter of concern for us. Viruses directly attack your computer which may corrupt your important data and hence can steal your data and personal information. Viruses like ransomware can also lock your data permanently until you pay ransom to get access of your own data.

Norton Support

Norton Support
Norton Support

To deal with all these types of online threats which includes phishing scams, viruses, and Trojan horses. Norton has come up with the number of solutions with a vast array of security array. A user can select from Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Premium, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, Norton Antivirus Basics, Norton Core Security Router, and Norton Small Business as per their particular needs.

Now, you must be thinking about the difference between all of the above options, the difference between all of the options lies in the level of security as well as the number of PCs they protect. Products are also designed as per the size of the businesses as well as consumers using Mac OS or Windows.  

Downloading Steps for Norton Setup

Steps for Downloading the Norton Antivirus Setup

  • If you are a new user then, first of all, you need to sign in to your Norton account or register,
  • In this step, open the Norton Setup window and then click download on your preferred Norton security software
  • Now, set up its product key
  • After that, click agree and hit download

Steps for Installing the Norton Antivirus Setup

  • Once you are done with downloading, follow all these steps to complete the installation of your Norton setup. (Note:- please note that the initial steps may be a little different depending upon the web browser you are using.)
  • In google chrome – Double-click on the downloaded setup
  • Microsoft Edge Browser or IE- Hit-run on the downloaded file
  • Safari or Firefox – Go to download tab, find your file from the list and then double-click on the downloaded setup
  • Lastly, follow the further instructions to finish the entire installation process

Steps for Activating the Norton Antivirus Setup

  • First of all, open the installed Norton setup
  • After that, visit the main window and then click help
  • In this step, enter the product key, if asked
  • In the end, click the further instruction and then activate to finish activation #norton nu16

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